Proposal Preparation

Technical information about KPF is available on WMKO’s website.  See also the Exposure Time Calculator page and the associated Github code.  Slides from a presentation about proposing with KPF are available here.  The presentation includes an overview and status report about the instrument as of September 2022, a high-level description of the testing and commissioning plans, technical information about the instrument’s performance, and information about achieving observational cadence through the queue operated by the California Planet Search collaboration.

If you are interested in proposing to collaborate with the California Planet Search on cadence observations with KPF or HIRES, please fill out this form*Full consideration will be given to requests made 3+ weekdays before the proposal deadline.  Collaboration with CPS is not required to use these instruments.  See slides 14-17 in this presentation for additional details.

* note that completing the form requires logging into a Google account because you will be asked to upload a PDF copy of your draft proposal, which involves behind-the-scenes use of Google Drive.