Howard Research Group – Spring 2018

Professor Howard’s research group is centered at Caltech, with current postdocs and students listed below.  Alumni of the group are also listed.  Prof. Howard is also the leader of the California Planet Search (CPS), a multi-institution collaboration pursuing observational studies of extrasolar planets.  CPS members include Howard’s current group, alumni, and others.  In addition, Prof. Howard is Principal Investigator for the Keck Planet Finder (KPF), which has it’s own design team.



  • Aida Behmard – Caltech (GPS) grad student
  • Lee Rosenthal – Caltech (Astro) grad student
  • Ryan Rubenzahl – Caltech (Astro) grad student
  • Tzarina Shippee – Caltech undergrad student


  • Evan Sinukoff (2012-2018) – Univ. of Hawaii grad student; currently Insight Data fellow
  • Sarah Blunt (2017-2018) – Caltech post-baccalaureate; currently Harvard grad student
  • Lea Hirsch (2015-2018) – UC Berkeley grad student; currently KIPAC Fellow at Stanford
  • BJ Fulton (2012-2017) – Univ. Hawaii grad student & Caltech Texaco postdoc; currently staff scientist at NExScI
  • Travis Berger (2015-2016) – Univ. Hawaii grad student
  • Lauren Weiss (2015-2016) – UC Berkeley grad student; currently Parrent Fellow at Univ. of Hawaii
  • Ben Boe (2015) – Univ. of Hawaii grad student
  • Sam Grunblatt (2013-2015) – Univ. of Hawaii grad student
  • Larissa Nofi (2014-2015) – Univ. of Hawaii grad student; currently pre-doctoral fellow at Lowell Observatory
  • Axexandra Pleus (2014) – summer student; currently grad student at Univ. of Hawaii
  • Erik Petigura (2013-2014) – UC Berkeley grad student; currently Hubble Fellow at Caltech
  • Jieun Choi (2011) – UC Berkeley undergrad; currently grad student at Harvard
  • Sam Halverson (2010-2011) – UC Berkeley undergrad; currently Sagan Fellow at MIT